Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast moving, non-contact team sport, comprising of 2 teams of 7 players. The main objective of the game is to catch the disc in the end zone.

Ultimate Frisbee can be played indoor with a 5v5 team or outdoors with a 7v7 team. The official pitch size is similar to a football pitch, but much smaller pitches are suitable for beginners and younger players.

Ultimate Frisbee is an invasion game. The objective is to pass the disc between your team to progress up the pitch. You cannot walk or run with the disc. Points are scored when the disc is caught inside the end-Zone, similar to American Football.

If the disc hits the ground, regardless of who touches it last, the other team gain possession. The disc can also be intercepted or caught outside the pitch to cause a turnover of possession. Teams change ends after each points.

Play resumes by the scoring team from the previous point ‘pulling’ the disc to their opposition. Limitless rolling substitutions can be made at the end of each point.

Ultimate Frisbee has many similarities to many other invasion games and players need to possess a degree of speed, stamina and agility to play to a good level.

Who can take part?

Ultimate Frisbee is a very simple game for boys and girls as young as 7 to 8 years old to pick up and enjoy by adapting and simplifying the rules a little to ensure it is accessible at that level.

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