Our Reboundz programme is a safe, effective style of aerobics that provides a challenging cardiovascular workout without excess stress on the heart, muscles and joints. It uses familiar aerobics moves, sports specific conditioning moves and core stabilization techniques.

Reboundz is a unique form of exercise that reduces body fat and firms legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips. The workout improves a participant’s cardiovascular fitness and continually challenges balance, coordination and proprioception like no other physical activity.

A Reboundz workout burns a tremendous amount of calories with minimal stress on the body. It is performed entirely on a specially designed high quality, spring enhanced mini trampoline with a non slip surface. The exercise is accomplished by jumping only a few inches off the surface of the rebounder.

Who can take part?

Primary Key Stage 2

Secondary Key Stage 3, 4

Children aged 7 upwards

Young people


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