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FUN & FIT session take place in a variety of settings. Primary Schools, children centre's. pre-school nurseries and community centre's. The target group of children are aged 2 to 11 years pre-school and key stage 1/2.


We encourage parents to exercise with their children at the clubs if at all possible. Clubs are offered as breakfast and after schools clubs as well as stay and play sessions at children centres. The session format includes a warm up, circuits of activities on the equipment and taking part in agility. balance or coordination activities. The sessions finishes with games. Children work in pairs or individually dependent upon the activities.


Family Exercise

Three schools in the Hamstead Hall SSP have encouraged parents to attend FUN & FIT sessions with their children.


The sessions are fully subscribed many parents have said that they enjoy exercising with their child as it makes them exercise as they would not go the gym.

At St Marks Primary parents have setup a coffee morning after the session forgoing new friendships with newly arrived parents from Poland.


Dorrington Primary has many families taking part in the programme 30 children exercise with 15 parents. Parents are also taught about healthy eating and lifestyle choices.


Fun & FIT in the Curriculum
Complete Kidz has mapped FUN & FIT to the National Curriculum strands for the Early Years frame-work and KS1/2 PE.


FUN and FIT fits into many activity areas. These include dance, gymnastics, and games through the knowledge and understanding of fitness strands in the activity areas.


FUN & FIT is a fantastic tool to use with children to instil an active an healthy lifestyle


Agility balance and co-ordination are all developed in the FUNdamental element of the circuits and FITness is developed using the mini gym equipment. Children are also taught about a healthy diet.


Vigor Boarding

The Vigor Board is an exciting new alternative to the traditional physical activities currently available for children in school.


The Vigor board is propelled by the rider's twisting movements while both feet are placed firmly on its front and rear panels. No incline is required and the board's nylon wheels make it ideal for use on the gym floor, in school halls or outside on the playground.

There are two types of board available the standard two wheel board and the junior three wheel board. The standard two wheel board is easy to learn and use but for children with less confidence or poor balance the three wheel junior board has been developed.


The Vigor board has successfully captured the attention of an incredibly wide age range, but has been especially successfull with school age children.


Steetz Dance

Have you ever seen the hottest pop band's music video or performance on TV? Then you will already know what Street dance looks like. Street dance takes any form of popular music from pop to "hip hop" and choreographs routines to the beats.

We have seen that, only too often, the most successful pop acts have made it big by combining Street dance routines with their tunes and lyrics. Complete Kidz has highly qualified dance teachers who can teach a variety of dance styles.


Dancers are taught street dance moves and routines that are choreographed to enable students to perform at the end fo the 6 week block. We can also offer dance workshop days.



The Reboundz programme is a safe, effective style of aerobics that provides a challenging cardiovascular workout without excess stress on the heart, muscles and joints. It uses familiar aerobics moves, sports specific conditioning moves and core stabilization techniques.

Reboundz is a unique form of exercise that reduces your body fat and firms your legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips. The workout not only improves the participant's cardiovascular fitness. But it continually challenges balance, coordination and proprioception like no other activity can.


A Reboundz workout burns a tremendous amount of calories with minimal stress on the body. It is performed entirely on a specially designed high quality, spring enhanced mini trampoline with a non slip surface. The exercise is accomplished by jumping only a few inches off the surface of the rebounder.


Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a fast moving , non contact team sport, comprising of 2 teams of 7 players. The main objective of the game is to catch the disc in the end zone, it can be played indoor 5v5 or outdoor 7v7. The official pitch size is similar to a football pitch, but much smaller pitches are suitable for beginners and younger players.


Ultimate Frisbee is an invasion game. The objective is to pass the disc between your team to progress up the pitch. You cannot walk or run with the disc. Points are scored when the disc is caught inside the end-Zone , smillar to American Football.


If the disc hits the ground, regardless of who touches it last, the other team gain possession, The disc can also be intercepted or caught outside the pitch to cause a turnover of possession, The teams change ends after each points.


Play resumes by the scoring team from the previous point 'pulling' the disc to their oppostion. Limitless rolling substitutions can be made at the end of each point. Ultimate has many similarties to many other invasion games and players need to possess a degree of speed, stamina and agility to play to a good level, It's very simple for boys and girls as young as 7 & 8 years old to pick up and enjoy by adapting and simlifying the rules a little to ensure it is accessible at that leve.



Introducing archery at your school, with a one off informal event or as part of your curriculum will provide an outlet for your students whilst giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and values.


Archery is recognised as a GCSE PE subject but is often not offered to students due the need for specialist equipment and specialist teacher trainging.


We can take these restrictions away by supplying both on a regular basis when needed. Following a venue inspection and risk analysis it may also be possible to offer archery indoors at your school.

Crazy Catch

Every child thrives on a challenge... Especially when it's fun and achievable regardless of their skill level. Recent researche shows that children of today are, on average, performing poorly in skills such as the overhand throw, catching and kicking skills.


Crazy Catch rebound nets provide an effective and fun way for schools to teach, assess and most importantly allow the repetitive practice that is required for real improvement in these generic sports skills.


Football, Netball, Basket Ball, Cricket and Rugby

We cover all sports, so if you require fun clubs, specialist coaching, competition or just want to increase social interaction and active time for the children we have an array of coaches who can offer these sports.


World class team like Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Portugal with world class players like Ronaldo, Robinho, Kaka and Fabregas have developed by playing Futsal. Daviis is an international Fustal player and coach will teach your pupils to play Futsal thus increasing ther skills.




World class teams like Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Portugal with world class players like Ronaldo, Robinho, Kaka and Fabregas have developed by playing Futsal.


Davood is an international Futsal player and coach he will teach your pupils to play futsal thus increasing their skills.


Kickboxing Self Defence Non Contact Boxing...

The "Little Kickz Programme" is specially designed for young children. The techniques we teach in Little Kickz have been specially selected for their stage development, so with some work and effort children can manage to perform them and perform them well.


The thing that separates Little Kickz from other martial art classes is that it emphasises "Life Skills". We use various games and drills to teach the children about important concepts & life skills in a way that is fun and that they can understand, These sessions are deliverd by Russell a highly experienced coach who helps run "Oldbury School of Blackbelts."


Non contact boxing teaches children discipline, coordination, behaviour change and fitness. The sport boots fitness, self esteem and confidence. It teaches discipline, courage, stoicism, restraint and respect. Our coach is available to discuss options for your school including ASDAN accreditaton, for secondary school and behaviour change sessions in primary schools.



Multi Skills and Team Building

Multi skills

We follow a Multi Skills approach as endorsed by the Youth Sport Trust. We strongly believe in the importance of developing and mastering the basic physical skills of agility, balance, co-ordination and speed along with spatial awareness before a child speicalizes in the specific skills required for sports such as tennis and football.


Team Building
Often, in school, we see children fighting over a piece of chocolate or a toy, or making noise and crying. To stop such petty quarrels and behaviour, there is a need to bring these children together, to do some constructive activity which will help them understand the positives of cooperation, patience and teamwork

Contructive activity can be in the form of team games that are more often than not, fun. These activities bring children together, to share, play and win, in positive way. This also helps children open up, forget their shyness, and improve their communication skills. Garry our Outdoor Education specialist works well with the children.


GPS Orienteering

GPS Orienteering is a team sport with typically 4 players per team. Each team has 2 agents and 2 players in the control centre.


The agents are sent into the field to find posts and clues. The 2 Players in the control centre direct the game and solve problems and riddles along the way, a bit like treasure hunt



Cheerleading / Street Cheer and American Stunts

In the last few years, Cheerleading has hit the UK with a bang. It is one of the fastest growing styles at the moment.


It is all about pom routines, cheers, stunts and jumps. It's a mix of fun and lot of hard work!


Street Tap

Street Tap is a great way of improving rhythm. coordination and musicality all whilst making lots of noise! Street Tap is like STOMP it has no words - everyone can understand it.


It has little or no melody in the traditional sense, so it doesn't matter if your taste in music is jazz, classical, dance or pop, STOMP is about rhythm, if only from the beating of their own heart - It is the basis of all music. Our dance coaches can work with children to develop street tap routines.


Drama Muscial Theatre

Are you looking for a professional to lead pupils in drama? We can offer you a Drama specialist with a renowned CV of experience to lead your pupils through the finer points of acting and singing.


Registered with LAMDA she is able to train pupils for accredidation.

GLEE fever is sweeping the country do you want your pupils to learn the finer points of singing and dancing whilst acting in the Glee way, Musical Theatre is the answer.


Street Art Murals

We can offer you everything to do with the world of Urban Art and Murals like the one's in the photo's from St. Edmunds Primary school, Birmingham.


Wokshops give pupils an insight into exciting art form of street art to bespoke custom artwork and murals to decorate the flashiest schools by its pupils, or canvas artwork for the children to take home.


Smoothie Bike

Would you like to make a smoothie whilst riding a bike?

Complete Kidz have a bike that is available to hire to offer something different to your event.


The smoothie bike is a wacky invention! it is a stationary bike fitted with a special blender that spins as you pedal, mixing up delicious fruit smoothies in an instant. You simply fill the blender with fruit and juices, pedal away for a minute or two, and you have yourself a healthy pedal-powered fruit smoothie.

It's as simple as that! Almost anyone can enjoy the smoothie bike - Children aged 5 or above, teenagers, adults, and even sprightly pensioners - so it's a brilliant tool for getting everyone active, engaged and having fun.


We provide the staff, the bike, the fruit and the fruit juice to make fantastic smoothies for more infromation and a competitive price please contact us.


Complete Kidz has recently partnered with Gymkids to be able to offer a new programme. Team GK brings you and your organisation innovative, motivational, quality programmes and equipment that will inspire, engage and build a legacy of health, happiness and wellbeing.

As an agent for Team GK we are able to offer programmes that are available to purchase, hire or lease, please contact us for their product catalogue..



Using the Olympics as inspiration, the 'Gymkids London 2012' fundrasing activity creates a series of Olympian themed challenges using Gymkids unique range of products to raise funds. The monies raised are spent with us to deliver a range of before/ after-school clubs and Gymkids products.


Complete Kidz will help schools raise money. We have produced a range of fun Olympic activities to stimulate children's interest and knowledge of the Games and the sports played that can be delivered by the school prior to The Event.

On the Event Day, the children will take part in 5 different Olympic challenges themed around Olympic sporting heroes: there is the Usain Bolt sprint agility challenge. the Jonathan Edwards Jumping challenge and the Steve Redgrave rowing challenge, amongst others. Stars and medals are awarded for completing challenges and certificates are given to all participants.


Once the monies have been accounted for, we will present the school with a shopping list of clubs and products you can buy from us with your proceeds.



Health Days

Do you want a school Health Day with a difference?

Complete Kidz can offer you a full day or half day.

Activities engage the children and adults in healthy lifestyle activities and healthy cooking.

Activities offered include:

Smoothie Bike

Healthy Cooking

Nutritional Games

Physical Activity Sessions

Health Activities


We are able to bring many partners together to provide a market place for parents to receive health advice and pampering sessions, so that the whole school community are engaged in your health day.

Complete Kidz will work with you to decide on the activities that best suit you and your setting.

"A day of fun health related Physical Activity sessions aimed to inspire and motivate all"


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